ITC provides advanced technical services that enable its clients to improve their products and processes.

The Industrial Technology Centre (ITC) helps companies apply innovative tools, technologies and practices to improve products, increase productivity, and boost competitiveness.

With over 30 years experience, ITC provides engineering, technical, advisory, and information services in many sectors, including: Aerospace, Transportation, Health, Energy, Environment, General Manufacturing, Architecture, and Construction.

ITC’s facilities include specialized equipment and resources, such as:

  • Load and fatigue testing machines
  • Data acquisition transducers and signal conditioners
  • Environmental exposure and corrosion testing chambers
  • Dimensional reference standards and calibration equipment
  • Sound and vibration measurement and analysis tools

ITC is a Special Operating Agency of the Province of Manitoba, providing services that contribute to technology-based economic development for the benefit of Manitoba.

ITC is Standards Council of Canada accredited, ISO 9001 registered, CLAS certified.

Service Model


Certified System ISO 9001 ITC SCC Accredited Lab  CLAS Certified