Lottery Ticket Testing Lottery Ticket Testing

Lottery Ticket Testing

The Lottery Ticket Testing laboratory provides security and quality assurance evaluations of instant scratch off and break open lottery tickets as well as evaluations of questioned documents for lottery jurisdictions worldwide.

ITC is the sole Canadian laboratory of this kind, providing ticket testing services for more than 20 years. Our team has nearly 50 years combined experience both in the lottery industry and the manufacturing sector.

Our laboratory is ISO 9001 compliant. We provide:

  • objective, independenent, and unbiased analysis of your products
  • security tests to ensure that all known possible threats to your products have been addressed:
    – surreptitious readout
    – alteration and counterfeiting
    – quality control of product
  • development of new methods in attempting to screen/alter and counterfeit tickets printed on various substrates
  • superior methodology and prompt, reliable turnaround times
  • a complete written report with results from all tests performed

Additional Services:

  • customized research programs to assist Lotteries in evaluating new products and technologies
  • training, consultation for Lottery personnel in procedures and methods used to assess their products
  • RFP compliance evaluations of printers for Lotteries
  • staff available to answer any questions you may have regarding your products and possible alternatives for improvements to the products