Mechanical Testing Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Providing You:
  • Evidence that your product will meet its requirements
  • Verification that a material meets specifications
  • The potential life span of a component
  • The strength of a beam
  • Weld qualification
  • Temperature/humidity environmental testing
  • Corrosion testing

SCC Accreditation

As the only accrediting body in Canada, SCC’s mandate is to promote efficient and effective standardization. Accreditation is your assurance of the quality of ITC’s results.

  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (formerly Guide 25) for specific tests
  • Accredited in 1984-longer than any other laboratory in Western Canada
  • Our accredited services meet the requirements of standards such as ISO 9001, QS 9000, TS 16949, and ISO/IEC 17025
  • Internationally recognized through agreements with
    – APLAC

SCC Scope of Accreditation

SCC Certificate of Accreditation


Our Services

Our mechanical testing services are designed to meet your needs.

  • Provide precise strength or proof load results up to 300,000 lbf (1334 kN) in universal tension and compression testing machines
  • Perform cyclic fatigue testing at rates up to 1.5 million cycles per day
  • Simulate almost any environmental condition using chambers with wide temperature, humidity, and corrosion control
  • Check material hardness and case depth to Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, and Shore
  • Test impact energy absorption with Charpy impact
  • Machine specimens or fixtures in our fully equipped machine shop
  • Provide consultation on custom test procedure development
  • Following industry standards, such as:
    – ASTM
    – ASME
    – CSA
    – SAE

Standards We Test To

Accredited Specialty Areas:

  • Strength of adhesive bonds in plastics
  • Tensile and shear properties of plastics, resins, rubbers, and composite materials
  • Tension testing in metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Weld testing in steel and aluminum
  • Hardness testing of metals, including microindentation (non-destructive) hardness testing
  • Impact testing of metals

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Project Profile

Kitchen Craft Cabinetry, a cabinet manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, required a comparison of the joint strength for different designs, adhesives, and wood types used in cabinet doors that they manufacture.


Kitchen Craft Cabinetry