• October 3, 2017
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

Shearography, also known as holographic inspection, consists of interferometric comparison of a test object in two states, a neutral and a loaded one. Software performs live image processing to identify variations in out-of-plane deformations between both states, which in turn reveals surface or sub-surface anomalies by highlighting local weaknesses under certain load conditions. This technology can flaws as small as 1 mm and can be used to inspect up to 2 m2 per minute.

Join us as we learn the advantages and capabilities of shearography.

Laser Shearography quickly detects and locates discontinuities in materials. The method systematically finds flaws like: wrinkles, disbonds, delaminations, cracks, crushed core, kissing bonds, fluid ingress, cracked cores, repair defects, voids, foreign objects, impact damage (BVID’s), etc.

Shearography has application in the aerospace industry and wherever there’s a requirement for rapid inspection of

  • Large panels
  • composites
  • bi-metals
  • metal-metal bonds

Presentation Overview

  • Introduction into the principles of Shearography
  • Applications of Shearography
  • Introduction to the Flaw Explorer Shearography System
  • Live Demonstration of the FlawExplorer
  • Questions and Answers

Our presenter

Troy Peck holds a Bachelors of Polymer and Fiber Engineering Degree from Auburn University. Upon graduation from college, Troy began working as a Polymer Engineer at Applied Technical Services in conjunction with serving in the Army National Guard. Troy then moved to Jess W. Jackson and Associates as a Regional Sales Manager. He received the training for ASNT level II in Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing. In September of 2016, Troy joined Dantec Dynamics as their Shearography Sales and Applications Engineer for North America.

Thank you to our event partners, Manitoba Aerospace, the Vehicle Technology Centre, and Dantec Dynamics.

Introduction to Shearography


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