Waterjet cutting is a proven method for creating intricate and precise cuts with nearly any kind of material, but usually with expensive equipment. The Wazer desktop waterjet cutter is the first desktop waterjet that can cut nearly any hard or soft material with a precision similar to larger, more expensive systems, but at less cost — about $5999 per unit.

Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter
Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter (Source: Kickstarter.com)

Fairly simple to use, the Wazer unit is plugged into a laptop with a USB cable so it can access standard drawing .svg or .dxf files, then the material is placed on the cutting platform, the height of the cutting jet is set, water supply hooked up, the abrasion tank filled up, and you’re set to go.

>Read more by Aaron Heinrich, New Atlas, September 13, 2016

Desktop waterjet cuts almost any material – and expenses