The Industrial Technology Centre is pleased to announce a new addition to our services – Chemical Analysis.

Material Qualification

It is important for materials to meet regulatory, performance and quality requirements. Chemical analysis of ferrous material helps ensure your products meet these requirements. ITC’s chemical analysis service can help you identify unknown alloys and characterize materials.

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ITC uses a Bruker Q4 TASMAN Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) for analysis.

With a measurement range from sub-ppm to percentage levels, we can characterize your materials from trace analysis in pure metals to high alloyed grades.

Optical emission spectroscopy allows all elements in your sample to be analyzed simultaneously, ensuring fast turn-around on your results. A high-energy arc is applied to the sample, causing it to emit spectra that identify the elements present. The amplitude of the spectra allow the instrument to measure the proportions of each element.

Analysis Capabilities
● Carbon steel
● Stainless steel
● Cast iron

● Metal production
● Metal processing
● Manufacturing
● Recycling

For further information about this new capability, call 204.480.3333 or send email to

Chemical Analysis Testing Now Available at Industrial Technology Centre