DAQRI SMART HELMET bridges the gap between potential and possible. It enhances human abilities across industries by seamlessly connecting its user to the work environment. How?

DAQRI SMART HELMET redefines industrial, professional-grade wearables. Equipped with a world class sensor package, intuitive user experience and powered by DAQRI’s Intellitrack™ computer vision and navigation technology, it seamlessly delivers contextually-relevant data to the user. From oil rigs to wind turbines, the construction site to the factory, DAQRI SMART HELMET is, in essence, augmented reality for the workplace and would replace the safety helmet.

DAQRI Smart Helmet in industrial environment
DAQRI Smart Helmet in Industrial Environment

With DAQRI 4D Studio,  you can create custom work packages and publish them to the DAQRI helmet.  Starting with the work packages and content you already use, you can build optimized augmented work instructions and training materials, so on-site workers can access the knowledge they want, the moment they need it.

Data from MRP or ERP systems can also be integrated with both DAQRI SMART HELMET and DAQRI 4D Studio for easy access when it matters most. Capture new process data and harness the power of a new suite of sensors for a one-of-a-kind combination of hands-free computing, immersive visualization, and intuitive guidance.

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DAQRI Smart Helmet: Powering The Future of Work