Information, Demonstration, and Opportunity for Application

People networking at eventThe Industrial Technology Centre (ITC) provides the resources necessary to help manufacturers increase productivity and remain competitive through the adoption and application of advanced technologies.

ITC offers expertise, infrastructure, application demonstrations, customer needs assessments and an R&D environment to help companies overcome technology adoption barriers.

We do this by:

  • Collaborating with others
    • To support advanced manufacturing interests
    • Industry, academia and government working together to help solve problems
  • Evaluating advanced technologies
    • Working closely with technology vendors and providers
    • Neutral, 3rd party resource
  • Helping companies identify opportunities for improvement
    • Exploring technologies to support the improvement
  • Helping companies assess their needs and providing advice on integrating technology
    • Technical experts with industry experience
    • Project management and implementation experience
    • Strong partnerships with technology experts, both nationally and internationally
    • Cross-functional collaborative teams
  • Identifying and developing R&D projects to support industry needs.
  • Delivering workshops, seminars, presentations and demonstrations
    • Relevant and valuable technologies for manufacturers
    • Support Special Interest Group(s)
  • Providing a full service technical library
  • Maintaining technology blogs in support of advanced technologies
  • Delivering workshops and seminars that demonstrate new technologies
  • Undertaking industry-led technology evaluation and assessment projects

Current Technologies Focus