Collaborative robots have made it very easy to add automation to your business. They are simple to program so should we train in-house? Training your team allows them to maximize their use of collaborative robots and implement more innovative applications. BUT, how can you ensure that training will be an effective investment, not an expensive mistake?

When it comes to collaborative robotics, there are huge benefits to providing training systematically from the top down. It gives workers a feeling of ownership of the robot. It makes sure everyone is “on the same page” which leads to better innovation in products and robot applications.

Alex Owen-Hill from Robotiq outlines how to build a training program which truly benefits your business.

  1. Assess the big picture goals of your business.
  2. Align these goals with the benefits of in-house robotics expertise.
  3. Quantify your existing resources.
  4. Assess which resources are most valuable for your move to in-house expertise.
  5. Get your stakeholders on board, both the technical team and other affected groups of employees.
  6. Identify key applications for robotics.
  7. Use these key applications to determine which new skills are necessary.
  8. Finally, you are ready to look at types of training and implement a training plan.

Here are some of the popular methods for robot training:

Less Costly More Costly
On-the-job coaching and mentoring One-to-one tutoring
Job shadowing Seminars
Self-directed study College courses
Video presentations External group workshops
E-learning In-house consultant training

A good training program will use a mix of the different types.

You will probably use an external supplier for your initial robot training. However, as the level of in-house expertise increases in your business, members of the team can take over some of the training burden. This is why it is so important to involve your stakeholders from early on, otherwise they may resist what they see as extra work.

>> Read more by Alex Owen-Hill, Robotiq, March 8, 2017

How to Create an Effective Robotics Training Program