Crain’s Detroit Business raises some interesting points regarding robots and human displacement:

A robot can screw in a bolt, run a conveyor system or track inventory — and, so far, can even be trusted with large sums of cash. Real estate agents, cab drivers, and even associate lawyers will be subject to automation in the next 10-20 years.

What do robots and automation mean for the livelihood of the average worker? Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence have already eked out or radically changed job duties for certain logistics, manufacturing, mass transit and health care workers.  One MIT professor states, “people often looks for something to blame for employment shortfalls — and robots are easy targets.”

While more processes are becoming automated, robots still can’t function like the human brain. Humans remain in control of the discovery.   There are opportunities for learning and job creation with technology advancement. We simply have to recognize them and act upon them.

Read more by Dustin Walsh, Crain’s Detroit Business, April 27, 2014.


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