Ez-Robot, a small company based in Calgary, Canada, is aiming to start a new “revolution” in robotics with their new Revolution line series of small, hobby-sized robots with modular parts, easy-to-use features, and snap-together mechanics.  The company’s three new robots are based around a technology that allows chains of servomotors to be attached to create arms, legs, or even pan-tilt mounts for cameras. No tools are required, and all of the parts can be created on a 3D printer.

The centerpiece of these robots is a custom robot controller called the Ez-B. This 2.1 in (5.3 cm) square board contains a 120-Mhz ARM CORTEX M3 processor, and includes either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio interface, as well as 24 digital ports to attach motors, sensors, and LEDs. Software running on a PC or laptop controls the robot remotely, and any voice recognition or video processing takes place on the remote computer.

Humanoid robot
Revolution JD is a humanoid robot with two-fingered grippers

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EZ Robots are ready to roll … or walk, or scuttle
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