Global Specialties, a manufacturer of test equipment and electronics prototyping and training tools, has developed a desktop robotic arm that can be programmed in C or operated by a computer-based teach pendant, a keypad, Android mobile phone, or tablet. The robotic arm has expandable operating controls features and can easily be modified using external sensors or other electronic interfacing circuits.

R700 Vector Robotic Arm by Global Specialties (Source:

The R700 Vector Robotic Arm is built from a multitude of electronic and electromechanical components. The manual that comes with the robotic arm provides component details and how they are used with the mechatronics machine. The robotic arm comprises several subsections or units that provide articulating movement or Degrees of Freedom (DoF) for the programmable electronics and electromechanical system.

Here’s a demonstration video of the R700 Vector Robotic Arm:

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AI and Manufacturing Concepts Can Be Explored with a Desktop Robotic Arm