A German start-up has created the first industrial smart glove.

Called ProGlove, this smart wearable allows workers to document process steps without picking up a tool, and to pick and scan at the same time.

(Source: ProGlove)

In one of the pilots, the workers at John Deere’s plant in Mannheim performed 1,000 picks a day, and ProGlove says it can save 4 seconds per pick. That equates to more than an hour a day, or a 12% efficiency increase.

Its design, consisting of a core computing unit and a glove, perfectly adapts to industrial environments. With ProGlove you work and scan at the same time, allowing for hands-free scanning, and therefore more ergonomic work. Through the integration of currently discrete functionalities, the worker saves the time of taking and replacing formerly separate tools, omitting extra steps out of the process.

ProGlove is designed as a plug & play solution and can be implemented without integrational effort. It does not need to adapt to the current system.

ProGlove was founded by Thomas Kirchner, Paul Günther, Jonas Girardet and Alexander Grots as part of the Intel ‘Make It Wearable’ Challenge in 2014. Two creators are former IDEO employees and the other two have a background in the automotive industry, such as BMW.

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Hand-Eye Coordination: Wearable Glove Speeds Up Scanning