Industrial automation projects are sophisticated and have special aspects that should be considered for the execution to succeed. This article by Dzhamshid Safin analyzes and shares some of the following points:

  • industrial automation projects as a combination of construction and programming
  • the multidisciplinary nature of automation projects
  • lack of time reserves
  • commissioning as a significant and particular part of an automation project
  • importance of team member qualifications
  • scope definition
  • peculiarities of the startup phase
Aspects of automation projects
Aspects of automation projects (Source:

These peculiarities may be obvious to some people, but for others, they may not be so easy to identify. This is especially true for project managers who are not familiar with industrial automation. Moreover, this is definitely not a complete list of specific aspects of automation projects, but rather insight into some of them. Full comprehension of these processes makes a project manager’s life a little bit easier.

>> Read more detail by Dzhamshid Safin, InTech Magazine, Nov-Dec 2016

The Seven Special Aspects of Automation Projects for Project Managers