Automated measurement can take the uncertainty and headaches out of determining dimensions for machining. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence recently announced an automated measurement station that offers three different configurations. It is built using commercial-off-the-shelf work cell systems and Hexagon’s own CoreView intelligent measurement solutions, which organize and return the operational data.

360º Flexible Measurement Cell uses optical measurement, with pattern projection, stereo vision, and 2D and 3D measurement lit by blue high-power LEDs. Depending on the configuration, it can have three separate rotary tables on which manufacturers can simultaneously measure three different components. Its configuration can also be customized for in-line, near-line, or off-line placement, and can be modified for individual part sizes and measurement tasks.

360 Flexible Measurement Cell
360 Flexible Measurement Cell by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Source: pddnet)

>Read more by Meagan Crouse, Product Design and Development, September 16, 2016


New Measurement Cell Unifies Intelligent Manufacturing