PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) annually surveys global CEOs to learn about their current and future priorities, plans and technology adoption trends.

Of the 1,322 CEOs interviewed, industrial manufacturing CEOs prioritize mobility (73%), cybersecurity (72%) and data mining and analysis (70%) as their top three priorities for attaining competitive advantage.  And, 81% believe that mobile technologies for customer engagement is strategically important.

Being ready to respond with complete quotes, pricing, order status, delivery dates, updated service information on a 24/7 basis on any device anywhere is the new normal. The following are five ways real-time mobile apps delight customers and streamline manufacturing:

  1. Enabling configure, price and quoting (CPQ) apps to provide real-time updates on any device, anywhere wins more deals and keeps customers sold on doing business with you.
  2. Being able to answer “When will my order ship?” anytime, anywhere on any device, at any time is what it takes to win and keep customers today.
  3. Getting in control of quality and being able to manage customer expectations and relationships to positive outcomes with accurate data.
  4. Reducing Field Service call cancellations and delays by accurately communicating parts and staffing requirements shows respect for your customers.
  5. Providing customers with real-time updates via mobile apps on delivery dates driven by supply chain conditions helps in managing expectations while giving production planners the information they need to meet demand.

>> Read more by Louis Columbus, Enterprise Irregulars, January 9, 2017

5 Ways Real-Time Mobile Apps Delight Customers And Streamline Manufacturing