The coming onslaught of virtual reality technology isn’t just for gamers. Thanks to the people behind MakeVR, designers, architects, sculptors, and makers of all kinds, will soon be able to get into their objects as never before.

MakeVR is a program built on a CAD engine that will run on any of the virtually reality platforms soon to hit the market. With it, workers in 3D will be able to submerge themselves in a space where they can work with any conceivable digital tool to build any conceivable element. Using the same kind of gestures we’ve all quickly learned on smart screens—swiping, zooming, scrolling—designers of any level will move around their creations with ease.

Since it’s essentially a CAD program, MakeVR comes with all the usual CAD tools, allowing users to work as precise and as detailed as they need to—but with much greater speed.

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Virtual Builds Become Actual Reality