The AMBIT™ multi-task system, developed by Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, is an award-winning, patent-pending series of heads and docking systems which allows virtually any CNC machine (or robotic platform) to use non-traditional processing heads in the spindle and conveniently change between them. Changeover is completely automated and only takes seconds. Changing from adding metal to cutting it simply requires a tool change.

AMBIT Multi-Task Tools

A hybrid system is not only useful for repair or remanufacturing applications, but it is also suitable for production of new components including fabrication from the ground up, or addition of features and functionality to existing parts.

The majority of metal parts made by additive manufacturing require post-processing operations to improve their surface finish (e.g. spot milling, bead/sand blasting, polishing, etc). Combining CNC and additive allows component fabrication and surface finishing to be achieved in a single setup. It also allows different compositions of materials to be used in the same component . Finally in-process inspection can assure quality which is otherwise impractical or impossible to evaluate.


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Unique Tool Solution Integrates Additive Manufacturing with CNC Machining
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