Agile Casting Solutions (ACS) is a business unit of Humtown Products, an established supplier of specialty sand cores and molds to foundries, but that market segment is changing and Humtown Products developed a new business together with Youngstown State University and America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

Agile Casting Solutions’ new 3D printer will be a boon to foundries and diecasters looking to speed up and modernize their mold and coremaking capabilities. But the role of 3D printing in manufacturing metal parts seems to be heading in directions that have not been fully imagined.  In addition to producing complex sand molds and cores for commercial programs, ACS will be a classroom and laboratory for YSU engineering students, and an incubator for new business projects testing materials or production methods, or building prototypes.

The ExOne S-Max printer is one of the largest in the U.S. producing sand molds, cores, and patterns. It has a 1,800×1,000×700-mm build area (LxWxH), with a build speed of 2.12-3.00 ft3/hour.

ExOne 3D printer
ExOne Co., which designed and built the 3D printer installed at ACS, is refocusing its North American organization to emphasize its industrial sand-core and mold services. (Source: ExOne Co.)

One of the new enterprises using Agile Casting Solutions as a launch center is called Freshmade3D. Not a foundry in any ordinary sense, it calls itself a digital manufacturer that works with customers to develop cost-effective routes to producing custom parts and custom tooling, for design and reverse engineering, or for low-volume manufacturing. The parts it designs are printed in bonded sand, which becomes the form of the finished part. A proprietary coating and finishing process completes the process.

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