The Rize One industrial 3D printer enables engineers and other professionals to produce commercial-quality parts as much as 50% faster and twice as strong, than similar systems, with features including:

  • Zero post-processing: Parts can be released quickly, cleanly and safely from support structures without any filing or sanding. Eliminates the need for messy materials.
  • Zero toxic emissions: With no harmful particles, Rize One is as safe in a lab as it is on a desktop.
  • File preparation: Software algorithms enable imperfect CAD files to be 3D printed with one click.
  • Rizium One: Our own compound of engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic.
  • Release One: Repelling ink jetted between parts and their support structures, releasing the bond between these two layers, making support removal faster, cleaner, safer and more affordable than any other 3D printing process.
  • Marking Ink: Ink jetted whenever and wherever it is called for in the file, enabling 3D printed text and images on parts.
Rize One 3D printer
Rize One 3D printer

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New Industrial 3D Printer Cuts Process Time In Half