3Doodler’s first foray into the 3D printing world, with rough-drawn 3D structures in midair using a “pen,” seemed to be directed more to the hobbyists, likened to a hot glue gun, in fact.

3Doodler’s recent release, however, is designed with professionals in mind. As the first professional-grade 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler PRO is a unique and versatile prototyping tool. Its wide range of materials and applications makes it perfect for architects, engineers, designers, artists and other creative professionals.

3Doodler Pro 3D Printing Pen
3Doodler Pro 3D Printing Pen

Along with 3Doodler’s extensive range of PLA, ABS, and FLEXY plastics, the 3Doodler PRO introduces a range of new materials to expand design potential:


Made from real bronze and copper, the metal filaments create sturdy and heavier structures that can be polished or sanded for more shine.


Made from real wood fibers, these filaments can make both delicate and heavy-duty creations that can be sanded or stained in a variety of finishes.


The nylon filament has a fabric-like feel, and can be dyed into different colors with fabric dyes.


This rigid filament has a high melting point, and so structures created with polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures without damaging.

The 3Doodler PRO gives you complete creative control and the ability to fine-tune your work as needed while creating.

With adjustable dials, you control both speed and temperature and the LCD display ensures you always know exactly what temperature you’re using. The built-in, high-speed variable fan also gives you control over how quickly materials cool.

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New 3D-printing pen draws with wood, copper, and bronze