3D printers capable of churning out multi-material, multi-colored objects in a single print run can take up quite a bit of office space, and can also cost a small fortune.

French startup Pollen has introduced a capable-looking, high resolution machine for the professional market called Pam, which can handle up to four different materials and comes in at a fraction of the cost of others (limited time offer starting at €8 000).

Pollen AM (PAM) Multi-Material 3D Printer
Pollen AM (Pam) Multi-Material 3D Printer (Image source: Pollen)

The Pam 3D printer can accommodate up to four materials (such as PLA, silicone, composites and wood-filled PLA) at the same time, fed into the fixed extruder from cylindrical containers placed in the top of the machine. It boasts four different nozzle sizes, a high print resolution of up to 40 microns and prints at up to 400 mm per second.

Pellets are used as the raw print material rather than filament and the Pam can even mix materials during prints. A maximum temperature of 350° C (662° F) makes it capable of using natural fibers, minerals or metal as raw materials. The Pam has a 30 cm diameter by 30 cm high (12 x 12 in) build volume on a suspended aluminum platform.

> Read more by Paul Ridden, gizmag, July 1, 2016

Multi-material 3D printer aimed squarely at professionals