HP Inc. recently launched its long-heralded Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D-printing technology for commercial-scale end-production, plus an ecosystem to go with it.  The technology is at least 10 times the speed of laser sintering, and even faster than other 3D printing methods.

3D-Printed Mesh Sample
HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D-Printed Mesh Sample (Source: designnews.com)

The new printers will be very competitively priced given their 10x production speed and voxel-level control that makes incredible precision attainable for many different characteristics. These systems will also be the first to conform to the 3MF file format developed by HP, Microsoft, and Autodesk. Finally, HP will develop an open materials market for MJF and certify materials from major manufacturers.

Watch a video by HP

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HP Launches 3D Printing Production Tech & Open Materials Market