Norsk Titanium AS has a contract from The Boeing Co. to supply 3D-printed, titanium engineering test articles for commercial aircraft structural components.

Norsk Titanium (NTi) will produce titanium Ti-6Al-4V preforms, and delivering them to Boeing for further testing and evaluation.  Their project is intended to demonstrate part-to-part repeatability and to optimize the operations processes necessary to enter into long-term production of structural components for fleet aircraft, according to NTi.

NTi’s proprietary process involves feeding titanium wire into a set of plasma torches cooled by an argon shield, melting the material into a near-net shape according to a CAD-determined design. NTi claims that the process makes it possible to produce parts that will replace forgings, with shorter development and production time.

Watch a video of the Norsk process.

> Read more by Robert Brooks, Forging Magazine, July 14, 2016

Boeing Orders Titanium 3DP Structures for Testing