While 3D printing technology has emerged to serve a wide variety of purposes, few appear more worthwhile than that of US-based company Not Impossible Labs. Through its Daniel Project, the company has not only provided 3D-printed prosthetic arms for amputees in war-torn Sudan, but empowered the local community to continue the initiative in its absence.

Comprising the creator of the RoboHand Richard Van As, an Australian MIT neuroscientist, and the owner of a Californian 3D printing company, the team designed an arm that was effective and relatively cheap compared to traditional prostheses.  In keeping with Not Impossible’s slogan, “Help One.Help Many,” the team set up a workshop in a local hospital and trained local clinicians to print and build the prosthetic arms themselves.

Amputees with prosthetic arms
Image Source: Not Impossible Labs

Read more by Nick Lavars, gizmag, January 20, 2014

3D-printed prostheses give hope to amputees in war-torn Sudan
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