This DesignNews slideshow reveals 3D Systems new 3D printing capabilities, including a bigger and faster SLA (stereolithography) build volume, another printer that does multiple colors in plastic, one that prints plastic multi-material objects bigger, faster, ceramic 3D printing via the cloud, and a universal print driver.  The large-format ProX 950 is a production printer for aerospace, industrial, automotive, and medical devices, with a build volume big enough to print an entire car dashboard in one piece. ProJet 5500X performs fast multi-materials printing. The ProJet 4500 can print plastic parts with continuous bright colors.  PX (formerly Phenix Systems) machines use direct laser sintering with metal and ceramic materials to make final production parts for aerospace, automotive, and industrial tooling applications.  The company also introduces their Geomagic Print universal printer driver. It makes files from almost any source, including any CAD system and several 3D application programs, and prints on all ProX and ProJet printers.

Read more by Ann R. Thryft from DesignNews, January 9, 2014.

3D Systems Changes What Engineers Can Do With 3D Printing
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