A 22-year-old woman has had the whole top of her skull replaced with a customized 3D-printed implant. The patient had been suffering from severe symptoms as a result of a condition that causes a thickening of the skull. The thickening of the skull puts the brain under increasing pressure. Ultimately, she slowly lost her vision and started to suffer from motor coordination impairment. It is believed that the procedure was the first of its kind.

3D-printed skull implant
3D-printed skull implant (Image from gizmag.com)

The skull was 3D-modeled and then printed as a single full piece that was able to be slotted and secured into place. Three months after the surgery, the patient had fully regained her vision and has no more complaints, which has allowed her to return to work with almost no trace of any surgery.

Read more by Stu Roberst, gizmag, March 31, 2014

3D-printed skull implanted into woman's head
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