3D printing technology has assisted in life-saving heart surgery performed on a 14-month old child, with the J.B Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville producing a printed model of the child’s heart prior to the procedure, allowing the doctors to better prepare for the operation.  Using images taken from a CT scan of child’s heart, researchers from the school’s Rapid Prototyping Center were able to create and print a 3D model of the organ 1.5 times its actual size. Built in three pieces using a flexible filament, the printing reportedly took around 20 hours and cost US$600.

3D model 1.5 times size of child's heart
3D model 1.5 times size of child’s heart (image from gizmag.com)

Read more by Nick Lavers, gizmag, February 24, 2014

3D-printed heart helps doctors prepare for life-saving surgery
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