Arevo Labs has developed proprietary 3DP technology to create better thermoplastic carbon composite materials and end-use components. The company is offering a commercial on-demand service for manufacturing 3D printed, optimized, PEEK- and PAEK-based carbon composite production parts.

The aim of the company’s Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology is to serve extremely demanding end-use applications like aerospace, single-use medical devices, oil & gas, and factory automation.  Arevo Labs’ composite formulations use high performance polymer matrix with carbon nanotubes, carbon fiber and glass fiber. These composite materials elevate performance thresholds for strength, stiffness, durability, wear resistance, chemical resistance, thermal stability and electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties.

Currently, two types of printers the company built for its Reinforced Filament Fusion Technology 3DP process are producing parts. The first, with a 12 x 12 x 8 in build volume, is for medical parts. A larger one, with a 30 x 30 x 30 in build volume, produces larger components, such as for aerospace.

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3D Print Strong, Tough Parts With Carbon Composites
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