New 3D printers are getting big, and one now has a build volume of 8 feet x 20 feet x 6 feet.

The printer’s developers, machine tool manufacturer Cincinnati Inc. and the Dept. of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, builds on the original 6-foot x 13-foot x 3-foot Big Area Additive Manufacturing machine that prints up to a whopping rate of 10 pounds per hour of composite thermoplastic material. The second-generation machine improves on that: It can print at previously unheard-of rates of up to 100 pounds per hour, drawing on a new extrusion system developed by ORNL engineers.

Engineers developed the Big Area technology over a span of only six months. ORNL signed a cooperative agreement with Cincinnati in March 2014, with the goal of printing a Local Motors Strati vehicle the coming September at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Read more by John Kosowatz,, August 2015

3D Footprint Grows with BAAM
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