The variety of companies getting into 3D printing materials continues to grow. Design News has compiled a list consisting of big and small materials companies, including some major, established suppliers of materials for subtractive manufacturing, plus service bureaus and 3D printer makers.  All of these materials are available for purchase.

  • DURA filament by ALGIX 3D has better material properties than ABS, lower toxicity, reduced volatile generation, and is environmentally sustainable. It’s less brittle and has improved toughness and elongation/stretch compared to PLA or ABS, provides better layer adhesion and heat resistance than PLA, and has higher print resolution than ABS. It also provides better esthetics.
  • Holland-based Royal DSM is now offering two 3D printing materials as filaments instead of granules. Arnitel ID and Novamid ID compete with filaments made from ABS and PLA resins. Arnitel ID is a highly flexible thermoplastic copolyester widely used in electronics. It has excellent UV and chemical resistance compared to other flexible polymers such thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs), exhibits no buckling, and offers a higher print speed than existing thermoplastic elastomers. It also exhibits unparalleled layer-to-layer adhesion compared to available ABS, PLA, and TPU filaments for 3D printing. Novamid ID is a strong, very ductile polyamide PA6 originally developed for automotive and electronics, which withstands harsh environments and temperatures up to 150C. It offers excellent layer-to-layer adhesion, strength, and toughness compared to other 3D printing materials, and its high crystallinity allows overhangs.
  • Eastman Chemical Company and Dutch company colorFabb have launched the result of their latest collaboration for 3D printing materials: colorFabb_HT, made with Eastman’s Amphora HT5300 3D co-polyester. The low-odor, styrene-free polymer targets 3D-printed models that must have excellent durability, toughness, and high-temperature resistance. The filament is heat resistant up to 100C, and won’t degrade at higher temperatures. Due to its high melt strength, multiple angles in prototype parts can be printed without support material, reducing materials costs.
  • Ira3D has introduced two new filaments: Nylon HQ and Gummify. Gummify is a highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that won’t deform, and can return to its original shape. Available in varying degrees of hardness, including Shore D 45, 65, and 90, it has multiple applications, from automotive panels to medical tools. Nylon HQ can be used with extruders in high-temperature printing processes. It has several advantages, including greater mechanical strength of finished models, less prone to delamination, less deformation, improved surface finish, no toxic emissions, and it doesn’t require a heated bed or cooling system.
  • NatureWorks has released a new formulation of its Ingeo PLA filament for 3D printing that has high impact strength and heat resistance levels more often associated with ABS.
  • Formlabs says its new material, Dental SG Resin, is the first biocompatible resin in desktop 3D printing. The certified biocompatible Class 1 material will make it possible to print high-precision drill guides for implant surgeries from digital scan data, and move directly from a 3D model to a directly printed surgical guide, speeding turnaround and cutting costs in dental offices and smaller dental labs.
  • Graphene 3D Lab has introduced a new filament, Scorpion Flexible Nylon. Objects 3D printed with Scorpion can easily handle repeated stress and maintain their shape. this new material has very strong interlayer adhesion, which is essential for high durability in mechanical parts.
  • New Black High-Definition Acrylate from 3D printing service bureau Shapeways is a photoreactive resin that’s 3D printed using direct light projection (DLP) technology, providing excellent resolution, accuracy, and fine detail with a crisp finish and a smooth surface, making it suitable for painting.
Clamp 3D printed using colorFabb_HT material.
Because of its durable nature, colorFabb_HT is an excellent choice for making your own tools and clamps. (Source:

Source: Ann R. Thryft, Design News, 6/10/16

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