Noise & Vibration Noise & Vibration

Noise and Vibration

Noise and Vibration measurement and analysis services:

  • Product sound testing and engineering
  • Predicting a machine’s performance before it’s put in service
  • Determining the reason a component has prematurely failed
  • Building sound testing and assessment
  • Prediction of sound levels of proposed facility or transportation route changes
  • Unattended indoor/outdoor monitoring of sound levels
  • Environmental noise surveys

Advanced Measurement Capabilities

  • Multiple data acquisition systems based upon the specific application
  • Sound pressure level and vibration amplitude measurement
  • Sound power and sound intensity measurement
  • Real-time recording up to 44 kHz on 11 channels offering playback and future analysis
  • Integration of additional measurements such as vibration, strains, and displacements
  • A wide range of transducers and acquisition systems
  • Unattended indoor/outdoor monitoring

Noise & VibrationSoundPLAN Example

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

  • Frequency analysis in discrete frequency (FFT), 1/3 octave, or full octave to look at frequency content
  • Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA) to see how the frequency content is changing over time
  • Order analysis to find component signatures for rotating machinery
  • Noise propagation modeling software to predict sound levels from facility changes or noise remediation techniques
  • Frequency response analysis to determine a component’s natural frequencies (impact hammer and operating frequency response)

Noise & Vibration

Our Resources

ITC has an impressive blend of skills, hardware, and software for sound measurement and modeling.

  • Vast experience in the application of standard test methods
  • Brüel & Kjær:
    – Multichannel analyzer (PULSE 3560C)
    – LabShop measurement and analysis software
    – Reflex Building software
    – Sound level meters (2250 and 2270)
    – Sound intensity probe (2270-G)
    – Indoor, outdoor, and surface microphones
    – Uni-axial, tri-axial, and seismic accelerometers
  • SoundPLAN environmental modeling software
  • High speed video imaging and strobescope

Noise & Vibration Noise & Vibration