3D Laser Scanning 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

With 3D laser scanning, ITC can help you create or redesign products and get them to market better, cheaper, and faster!

Three-dimensional laser scanning is a shape capture technology — a nondestructive optical technique that quickly and accurately captures organic shapes or highly non-prismatic shapes.

Laser scanning has been used in measurement for many years. Recent changes have increased the capacity for collecting and manipulating large amounts of data, quickly and in a way that is more familiar to users.

3D Laser Scanning has multiple uses:

  • Reverse engineering by providing accurate manufacturing design data
  • Part and tool inspection
  • Product redesign and analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Packaging design
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Virtual models for marketing and consumer testing
  • Cultural preservation or re-creation of historical monuments or relics
  • Science and medicine – orthotics and prosthetics
  • Entertainment to create 3D animation or video game avatars and characters
  • Architecture and construction – design and renovation of buildings


ITC uses an EXAscan 3D laser scanner which generates files capable of being imported and quickly processed by most rendering applications.

The EXAscan features:

  • High resolution
  • Very high accuracy
  • True automatic multiresolution
  • Dual scanning mode
  • Self-positioning
  • Portability

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Project Profile

Composite Innovation Centre EcoCycle™ Fuel Tank

The Composites Innovation Centre (CIC), a firm that conducts innovative research and development of composite materials, was tasked to design a motorcycle fuel tank made from a bio-composite material within a very short period of time.

The digital replication of an existing standard fuel tank required the capabilities of 3D laser scanning.