VRC Metal Systems Canada

  • May 17, 2017
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

High pressure cold spray is a metal powder deposition system used to apply wear and corrosion resistant coatings, repair high cost parts, and create near net-shape parts by additive manufacturing. VRC Metal Systems product, the VRC Gen III, uses high pressure inert gas to deposit metal powders without melting them.

In partnership with Economic Development Winnipeg and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Manitoba, ITC is hosting a Meet and Greet and Orientation event for Manitoba manufacturers and VRC Metal Systems.

VRC Metal Systems’ high pressure cold spray system is capable of robotic or hand-held use, and can use helium recovery or bulk nitrogen generation systems to reduce operating costs. Cold spray systems control and meter high pressure inert gas, heat it electrically, mix it with a powder feed, and accelerate the powders to high velocities. This cold welds the powder on impact with the substrate, usually with no heat affected zone. In this way, metallic based coatings can be applied to any thickness.

Attend this event to:

  • Meet VRC Metal Systems Canada
  • Learn about their product line
  • Network and discuss further opportunities with VRC Metal Systems

There will be a question and answer period so you can address your specific requirements.

VRC Metal Systems Canada is an advanced metal deposition system manufacturer with applications in many manufacturing sectors. VRC focuses on metal coating and joining technologies such as Cold Spray. The company provides off-the-shelf and customizable solutions for repair and refurbishment of high value components, and assists manufacturers integrate these technologies into new or existing product lines.




Venue Phone: 204-480-3333

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200-78 Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T 6C2

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