Manufacturing in the Digital Enterprise

  • Manufacturing in the Digital Enterprise
    May 25, 2016
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

Leading companies are turning to digitalization as they pursue the gains promised by Industry 4.0. They realize that the digital twin concept extends beyond 3D CAD geometry of products. High fidelity models of the entire manufacturing process including plants and supply chains are key components of the digital enterprise.

Join us as we host an information session on Manufacturing in the Digital Enterprise. Learn how this technology can help you reach the efficiency, quality, and productivity gains necessary to compete in global markets.

A comprehensive digital manufacturing strategy allows companies to achieve the long-term benefits of the digital enterprise. Digital manufacturing allows companies to close the loop on manufacturing and help companies develop a platform for Industry 4.0.

  • Learn how to link quality, engineering, manufacturing planning, supply chain partners, and various shop floor applications and plant equipment.
  • Find out how Manufacturing Planning & Engineering can integrate and collaborate with Product Engineering and Shop Floor Production using both automated and manual processes.

The digital enterprise allows manufacturing companies to make more informed choices that better support speed, quality, and volume goals, as well as mitigate risk and reduce costs from custom orders, unforeseen changes, or extended commissioning activity.

Presented by Dave Introcaso, a Business Consultant in the Siemens PLM Software Manufacturing Business Group supporting the implementation of Digital Manufacturing solutions across various industries.



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