Machine Safeguarding for Robots

  • January 19, 2016
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

Industrial robots are becoming commonplace and their impact on worker safety is becoming more significant. We need to understand how to keep our workers safe when working with or around robots.

Join us as we host an information session on Machine Safeguarding for Robots. Learn how your robots and your staff can work safely together.

The process of safeguarding robots is more than the installation of guards. The process is best started with a machine safeguarding assessment. This involves a team approach starting with performing a risk assessment and carefully looking at all tasks and the hazards associated with them. The risk assessment drives the analysis of the current controls and selection of additional safeguards to protect the worker as well as third parties.

We’ll use examples and case studies to illustrate the correct method for ensuring your workers safety. We’ll also talk about some of the newer technology including collaborative robots.

Attend this session for advice on:

  • Understanding the risk.
  • Performing a risk assessment.
  • Prioritizing your response.
  • Selecting a safeguarding solution.
  • Implementing a solution.

Presented by Mike Gordon and Kristin Petaski of Workplace Engineering Solutions. Mike graduated from Carleton University in 1996 and has 19 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Kristin Graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2006 and has 9 years’ experience as a Manufacturing Engineer. Both serve on technical committees for CSA safety standards.

Mike and Kristin formed Workplace Engineering Solutions as a result of their extensive experience in machinery safeguarding in a production environment, and their drive to bring machine assessments affordably to the Manitoba market. They focus on solutions that work with your operation, in a safe efficient manner.



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