Service Model

ITC offers services that add real value to all aspects of a company’s operations and the product development cycle – from research through to the customer. Let us help you explore the possibilities.

>Technology Awareness, Training, and Collaboration

ITC keeps industry up to date on relevant technologies through current awareness publications, webinars, seminars, and in-depth training opportunities. Collaboration is the key to company success. ITC acts as a hub to bring together stakeholders to share technology needs, best practices, and identify solutions.

>Technical Advice and Information

ITC recognizes that companies frequently do not have all the resources to be innovative and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. A team of technical experts provides a sounding board for companies with technical issues they cannot solve on their own and offers technical solutions. Current, reliable, technical information is not always readily available within a company’s resources. ITC’s Library & Technical Information services provides companies with research resources.

ITC’s Technology Awareness and Advisory Services are provided at little or no cost.

>Product Development

Add a new member to your product development team. ITC’s expertise in product design, development, and mechanical testing can help you solve technical issues. Our product and material testing capabilities can help you establish characteristics, comparisons, or failure modes.

>Product / Material Testing and Calibration

Products and materials require testing and quality control to determine functional characteristics or to demonstrate conformance to regulatory or customer specifications. ITC provides both standard and customized cost-effective services to help companies protect their brand reputation — from mechanical and corrosion testing to noise and vibration measurement. Calibration services provide companies with a means to ensure consistency in production and traceability to national measurement standards. Lottery ticket testing is a specialty service developed by ITC for lottery jurisdictions. ITC provides each of these services to customers across North America and in multiple sectors.

ITC’s Product Development, Testing, and Calibration services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.